Insights Into the Millennial Employee Mentality

Insights Into the Millennial Employee Mentalitymillennial employee mentality

If you have challenges understanding the millennial employee mentality, you likely have a millennial employee retention problem. Do you feel like you have a revolving door of employees coming and going. It can be a challenge retaining the talent you have worked hard to find and get up to speed. This engaging 2 minute video sheds light into the millennial employee mentality and how you can boost millennial employee retention and engagement.

Get insight into what lies ahead for business with the entrance of the millennial employee mentality into the workplace, what’s ahead for you, and what you can do to alter the future for your company and organization.

Millennial employees will make up 75% of the workforce population by 2030. The average tenure for Millennial employees is two years. The criteria that they use for selecting companies that they choose to work for typically includes the desire to work for a company with a purpose. Millennial employees value and expect regular and ongoing feedback. The traditional process of annual reviews will no longer suffice with this new generation of employees.

Millennial employees also want to know what is expected of them to move up into roles with more responsibility and leadership potential, what it takes to get a raise, and specifically what is expected of them in their role. They appreciate being asked to give their input and being given the opportunity to express their opinion to improve the operation of the team and company.

Take action now to better understand and engage with this talented new millennial employee base joining the workforce.







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