Millennials to Boomers – Four Key Leadership Questions to Consider

millennials to boomersFrom millennials to boomers, understanding generational influences and characteristics that have been researched and reported by various authors can help you to understand their differences. Research findings explain why employees may not be connecting in the workplace. It amazes me to see some of the generalized studies that have been published recently about cross-generational differences of human beings in the world and work place, from millennials to boomers. One thing I can say for a fact, is that no generation or group of human beings can be categorized or generalized implicitly.

I have seen some studies that do a good job identifying fundamental values that may have been prevalent and influenced the belief system across generations – one such study was done by TriNet where they assessed the four generations that are currently present in the work place. The study does an excellent job of identifying the factual differences influencing the millennials to boomers, multi-generational mentalities, perspectives, belief systems, and ultimate behavioral tendencies.

The one underlying consistent truth and piece of advice given in the paper stated, “Whether you text, tweet, or actually talk on your mobile or office phone, remember that each of the generations from millennials to boomers, should be valued for the diverse skills, mindsets, and perspectives they bring to the workplace.” Knowing how to leverage the strengths of each generation is key to not only surviving, but thriving in the new economy.

Thoroughly understanding the unique social, political and environmental influences that have shaped the multi-generational individuals’ workplace behaviors, values, and beliefs is fundamental to creating cohesive, productive and engaged teams and employees.

As work paradigms and technologies change, we will see an even wider gap between generations. Here are some important questions you need to consider:

  • What will this mean to your organization?
  • What is the generational mix of your organization?
  • How will you leverage the unique strengths of each generation in order to retain your key players, improve productivity, and maximize teamwork?
  • Are your managers prepared to lead multiple generations?

When managed effectively, strengths, perspectives, and experiences can bring synergy in the workplace. As a leader, understanding yourself and how your underlying values and characteristics mold your views is paramount to managing multiple generations in the workplace.

LuRae Lumpkin, Founder of, is a leader in organizational performance and leadership dynamics. She is an expert at helping organizations understand, improve, and leverage cross-generational workplace dynamics.  This improves morale, employee engagement, and employee retention – which ultimately leads to happier clients, customers, and a healthier bottom line.